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Welcome to Restaurant Rebelle, a gourmet restaurant located in Marke, just a stone's throw away from Kortrijk. Martijn Defauw and Tessa D'haene are the duo behind this culinary gem.

Since October 2017, we have been running this restaurant, which was once the oldest house in Marke. Recently, the old laborer's house underwent a thorough renovation, and we are excited to welcome you to our renewed restaurant.

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Rebelle is a cozy meeting place for both young and old, where you instantly feel at home in our warm and relaxed ambiance. Our restaurant provides the ideal setting to enjoy togetherness.

At Rebelle, quality is at the core, with attention to detail and balance. We work with fresh and carefully selected ingredients to create delightful dishes. Our kitchen adopts a minimalist approach, focusing on the product, exuding authenticity, and passion. Martijn's dedication to explore and combine flavors can be felt throughout the entire menu.

Not only does food play a significant role, but also the beverages we offer. Our sommeliers are passionate and love to share their extensive knowledge about various wines and non-alcoholic drinks. We believe that our beverage pairings enhance your culinary experience at Rebelle.